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IVF: choosing the best embryo, and the best day for embryo transfer

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An IVF cycle should result in the retrieval of mature eggs. The eggs will be allowed to settle for a few hours, and then, that afternoon, fertilized with sperm.   Choosing the best embryo The next day -day 1- each healthy embryo will still be a single cell, now at the two-Pro-Nucleii (2PN) stage. It… Read more »

What’s the difference between my ovarian reserve and egg quality?

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Your egg quantity is also known as your ovarian reserve. It’s not quite the same thing as egg quality. But when you have a good ovarian reserve, you most likely will have some good quality eggs in there too. You were born with millions of immature eggs. Most of the immature eggs will be housed… Read more »

“How does my menstrual cycle reflect the quality of my eggs?”

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As you may know, there is no one perfect test for egg quality. So we look at a host of different variables. One of the most helpful is your menstrual cycle. Each menstrual cycle is governed by the growth of a single egg. This is how it works: over the course of 10-14 days the… Read more »

Why is clomiphene not available until later in 2015?

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Clomiphene, also known as Clomid or Serophene, is a popular first-line medication in fertility clinics. It is not popular because it is especially efficacious. It isn’t, really. And for many patients there are real risks for multiple pregnancy and ‘anti estrogenic’ side effects such as hot flashes and depression. But clomiphene is inexpensive and easy… Read more »

How does an AMH test help me?

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AMH is the best test that we have for understanding your ovarian reserve. There are other tests available (FSH levels, and ultrasound) but they are not as accurate. AMH is the hormone that is made by the cells surrounding each of your resting eggs. This means that the more eggs that you have, the higher… Read more »

How can I improve my egg quality?

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Wondering what you can do to improve your egg quality? Here are some tips we share with our patients: Lifestyle When looking to egg quality, the first thing we suggest is that you consider lifestyle. To some degree, maximizing egg quality is predicated on maximizing your overall health, and the quickest and surest route for… Read more »

7 days after ovulation, I got a progesterone level of 6.5. What other tests can I do?

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I’m 30 years old, have 28-32 day cycles and typically ovulate on days 16-18. My luteal phase is anywhere from 10-12 days. I’m doing IUI with frozen sperm and it is costing a fortune so I’m trying to get this right as soon as possible. The lowest-normal peak luteal progesterone level – measured about 7… Read more »

Is there hope with my own eggs using the estrogen priming protocol or is it truly time to consider donor eggs?

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There is no universal “best” protocol.  However, there may be a best one for you. You can run a natural start cycle, which simply means that you come in at the beginning of your menstrual cycle, say on day 3, and if there are no cysts, you start taking stimulating medication. This simple approach is… Read more »

How long does it take to improve my sperm quality?

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It takes about 72 days for sperm to mature from stem cells to fully-functioning sperm, so any changes you make need to be consistent for about three months. You can talk to your doctor to find out whether HCG, clomiphene, letrozole, and rFSH preparations will be helpful for you. Vitamin therapy is one of the… Read more »