7 days after ovulation, I got a progesterone level of 6.5. What other tests can I do?

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I’m 30 years old, have 28-32 day cycles and typically ovulate on days 16-18. My luteal phase is anywhere from 10-12 days. I’m doing IUI with frozen sperm and it is costing a fortune so I’m trying to get this right as soon as possible.

The lowest-normal peak luteal progesterone level – measured about 7 days after ovulation – is 15 ng/ml, but many women are in the 30-50 range.

So 6.5 is low. You might wish to repeat this test, through a monitored cycle, before continuing with inseminations.

This may be a timing issue, meaning maybe it wasn’t 7 days. Sometimes lab errors do happen (the assay doesn’t work). But if repeat levels are low as well, you and your doctor may wish to consider progesterone supplements in the luteal phase.

Through our clinic, we do daily hormones (estrogen, LH, progesterone) and ultrasound in the days leading up to insemination.

It is not unusual for a fertile couple to take up to 6 months to become pregnant. but you wouldn’t want to have to go through that many treatment cycles if you could help it.

You ask what other things you can do.

I’m sure you’ve looked to your overall health already. Make sure that you are taking folate; some suggest up to 5mg daily.

Ovarian stimulation medications such as Puregon or Gonal F will really boost your chances. You may also substantially increase your rate for multiple pregnancies, especially twins. But your pregnancy rate per cycle can also double (or more). Unfortunately, these products can double the cost per cycle for you and I know you have financial concerns.

I hope you’re able to quickly find a balance of care and cost that works best for you.

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