When is the optimal age (medically and financially) to freeze my eggs?

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Many women are curious about freezing their eggs — preserving their fertility because they aren’t ready or able to start a family, but want to keep the option open for the future.

This Chatelaine article delves into new research with regards to timing your egg freezing. The analysis found that women who pursue egg freezing in their early or mid-3os can often retrieve — and preserve — a promising amount of healthy eggs. However, if they start trying to conceive in their late 30s, they’re often able to reproduce without using their frozen eggs — making the cost and labour of egg freezing unnecessary.

On the other hand, the article notes that women who pursue egg freezing in their very late 30s, or early 40s, have a less successful chance of retrieving healthy eggs — which means the expense of egg freezing may not be ultimately worth it.

The study suggests that, in general, the optimal age to freeze your eggs is 37: it’s likely to result in the preservation of healthy eggs, and your odds of actually using those eggs are higher.

However, if you’re considering egg freezing, talk a fertility doctor about whether any individual factors (such as cancer treatments, premature reduction of fertility, etc) should sway that number.

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