Does my sleep really impact my fertility?

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There isn’t a clear link to fertility and sleep patterns.

There is no one test that we can order to tell you that you are (or more likely, are not) getting enough healthy sleep. Like diet and exercise, it’s one of those things we all know we should be doing better at. But it is hard to do when there isn’t a specific, measurable endpoint.

How do we know when we are doing well? I don’t have an answer yet.

But scientists are getting better at measuring sleep’s effects on hormonal patterns and in the years ahead I am sure we will have a quantifiable way of defining “enough”.

For now, we have to just trust ourselves that we are finding the right balance.

If you are struggling with sleep despite your best efforts, consider seeing your doctor for advice and help. Sleep won’t get you pregnant by itself, but it will help. And you’ll feel better.

I know: easier to write than to do. It’s 1am as I write this.

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