Alberta health document supports publicly funded IVF

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I’m a strong proponent of funded healthcare for infertility. Under Dr. Ellen Greenblatt’s direction, and with the support of the provincial government of Ontario, we will soon have access to public coverage of IVF in Ontario, allowing us to direct patients to this low-risk, highly effective treatment for all our patients. There are many arguments… Read more »

Receive email alerts about OHIP-covered IVF in Ontario

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Because we’re a national blog, we don’t want to overwhelm patients outside Ontario with frequent updates about OHIP. So we’re going to slow down on the Ontario IVF news, but we encourage Ontarians seeking IVF to contact their clinic for updates. You can also receive updates by signing up for IVF email alerts at the Hannam Fertility Centre — members… Read more »

Important announcement: OHIP-covered IVF cycle to launch December 2015

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The Ontario government has finally announced its plans for OHIP-funded IVF. In summary, starting in December 2015, the government will fund one cycle of IVF for women under 43 years of age. The government also reversed its recent move to cut funding for certain OHIP-covered fertility monitoring services (such as blood tests), which is a big… Read more »

Panel advises excluding women over 42, severely obese women, from OHIP-covered IVF

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OHIP-covered IVF was expected to roll out in Ontario months ago. To meet the province’s expectation of launching in 2015, things are going to have to develop quickly. And we’re already seeing that happen, with news about a panel’s advisory re: OHIP-covered IVF recently surfacing. (If you aren’t caught up, I recommend reading my post on… Read more »

It’s September 2015, what’s the status of OHIP-covered IVF in Ontario?

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17 months ago, the Ontario provincial government promised to extend OHIP coverage to cover one round of IVF for eligible patients. This change was expected to occur in 2015. However, many questions about the coverage were unanswered — and unfortunately, still haven’t been answered. Now that we’re creeping closer to the end of 2015, patients… Read more »

So what is happening with IVF funding in Ontario?

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We are still in the phase of rumour and hearsay. “Funded IVF” requires a number of institutional structures to work properly. Is this going to be a tax credit, or through OHIP? Will there be age or diagnostic criteria? How does the funding apply if couples wish to transfer more than one embryo? There are… Read more »

Are my fertility issues my fault?

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Throughout human history, we human beings have had a tendency to blame sick people for their condition. From heart attacks to irritable bowel disease, HIV to Ebola, these conditions share this in common: a tendency for society, and even the ill individuals themselves, to blame the afflicted. Disease and illness are looked at as a… Read more »

It looks like Ontario will be covering IVF.

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It hasn’t passed yet, but with a majority government and no changes to the proposed budget, Ontario plans to cover IVF. The devil is always in the details, of course. From the budget: “The government will provide additional support for people in this province who want to become parents by expanding coverage of infertility services… Read more »

NDP reject Liberal budget, Ontario’s IVF funding now uncertain

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In a recent post, we covered the possibility of partial IVF coverage in Ontario. That possibility hung on the provincial budget, and whether Ontario’s government agreed to pass it. Today the Ontario NDP rejected the Liberal budget, triggering a provincial election this June. After the election, a new budget will be implemented and we’ll learn… Read more »

Update on Ontario’s coverage of IVF

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In our last post, we discussed the exciting new developments towards partial coverage for IVF treatment in Ontario. We have a small update: we’ve heard that IVF coverage will be tabled with the May 2014 budget. If the NDP choose to support the Liberals on the budget, it’ll pave the way for coverage to begin… Read more »