NDP reject Liberal budget, Ontario’s IVF funding now uncertain

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In a recent post, we covered the possibility of partial IVF coverage in Ontario. That possibility hung on the provincial budget, and whether Ontario’s government agreed to pass it.

Today the Ontario NDP rejected the Liberal budget, triggering a provincial election this June. After the election, a new budget will be implemented and we’ll learn where IVF funding stands.

It can be difficult and frustrating not knowing what’s in store for Ontarians struggling to get pregnant—whether partial IVF coverage is still on the table, and if so, when and how it will take shape. I know many of you are watching this issue closely and passionately. We’ll keep you updated as it progresses.

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  1. A.S.

    It’s unfortunate that developing countries cover IVFs and Ontario does not.
    Couples who are struggling already feel punished enough. It’s not fair for Ontarians to envy their neighbours in Quebec because their government gives them 3 tries at becoming parents and Ontario gives NONE!


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