So what is happening with IVF funding in Ontario?

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We are still in the phase of rumour and hearsay.

“Funded IVF” requires a number of institutional structures to work properly. Is this going to be a tax credit, or through OHIP? Will there be age or diagnostic criteria? How does the funding apply if couples wish to transfer more than one embryo?

There are many questions and a committee headed by one of my colleagues has been struck.

It is my understanding the committee has yet to meet. To be clear: There is not going to be OHIP-funded IVF in January of 2015.

One well-placed friend has suggested to me she thinks that it will be September 2015, but another more hopeful suggestion came anonymously from a colleague of Dr. Eric Hoskins, the Minister of Health, suggesting that he is supportive and, I understand, some are still most hopeful for June of 2015. I know: This update is not really helpful. But, we are as hopeful as all Canadians with an interest in fertility care to see this opportunity come through for our patients in a manner that is safe, fair and, of course, we hope timely.

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