Receive email alerts about OHIP-covered IVF in Ontario

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Because we’re a national blog, we don’t want to overwhelm patients outside Ontario with frequent updates about OHIP. So we’re going to slow down on the Ontario IVF news, but we encourage Ontarians seeking IVF to contact their clinic for updates. You can also receive updates by signing up for IVF email alerts at the Hannam Fertility Centre — members of the list will receive brief posts about the latest developments as they come.

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  1. Catherine

    Hello there,
    I stumble and saw your site while I was browsing info about the incoming ivf program,I was ecstatic when I heard the news about the ivf, I have miscarriage 2 years ago and last year we found out that I have carcinioud ovarian tumour ,they remove one of my bad ovary now I only got one,2 years of dealing emotional pain and silent depression and when I heard the news my life started to go back to where it was before, when I lost my baby something inside me died, the pain won’t go away ,it kills me and everytime I see a mother pushing a stroller it breaks my heart I coundnt express the feelings I have,yes iam desperate to become a mother because I know I was born to be a mother,I hope oneday through this new program it will help me achieve my dream of becoming a mother.


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