Alberta health document supports publicly funded IVF

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I’m a strong proponent of funded healthcare for infertility.

Under Dr. Ellen Greenblatt’s direction, and with the support of the provincial government of Ontario, we will soon have access to public coverage of IVF in Ontario, allowing us to direct patients to this low-risk, highly effective treatment for all our patients.

There are many arguments in favour of public funding, from basic human rights to a reduction of long-term medical complications. Studies have shown that denying public funding is often more costly in the long run than simply offering it.

If you’re in a position to influence policy in your province, perhaps through your local MP, social media, or a professional organization, people will need some proof. Consider supporting your argument with reference to the following document from Alberta Health:

I believe and hope that if funded IVF is recognized as a good idea for Ontario and Alberta, one day it can be recognized as a good idea for every province and territory in Canada.

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