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It looks like Ontario will be covering IVF.

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It hasn’t passed yet, but with a majority government and no changes to the proposed budget, Ontario plans to cover IVF. The devil is always in the details, of course. From the budget: “The government will provide additional support for people in this province who want to become parents by expanding coverage of infertility services… Read more »

Which embryo or embryos will give a woman the best chance at successful implantation and pregnancy?

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Dr. Richard T. Scott Jr., of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey is helping to answer that question with chromosomal testing. Chromosomes are the structures in your cells that contain your genetic information like eye or hair colour. Your chromosomes direct how your body grows. We’re each born with 23 pairs of chromosomes – one… Read more »

I have mycoplasma/ureaplasma. Should I be worried?

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Unfortunately, many fertility doctors disagree about the impact of mycoplasma on fertility. Mycoplasma and ureaplasma are often found in fertile couples — not just those struggling with infertility. Some researchers think these bacteria play a role in infertility and miscarriage, but it remains unclear how or why it may impact some people but not others…. Read more »

Ontarians donating unused embryos from IVF

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Our friend Erica Berman, PhD, sent us something interesting: a unique embryo donation program run by Beginnings. Essentially, embryos are donated by families who have gone through fertility treatments and no longer have a need for them. It works a lot like open adoption—biological parents choose intended parents as recipients of the embryos. The process… Read more »

Is Metformin a good medication for women with PCOS?

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In recent years, we’ve encouraged many patients to take metformin when they have been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Many women with PCOS can have difficulties with insulin and insulin-like hormones, and metformin helps regulate insulin. We thought regulating insulin may help PCOS patients get pregnant. I still suggest metformin for women who are… Read more »

IVF or Frozen Embryo Transfer?

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In my experience, frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles are not as successful as fresh. However, rates can vary from clinic to clinic; it’s possible that some teams may have frozen rates comparable to fresh rates. There are some theoretical advantages to frozen cycles: for example, hormone levels with FET can be much more normal (and… Read more »

When should you do IVF?

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Nobody wants to do IVF. Whenever a couple or individual comes to a fertility clinic, the goal is to work as naturally as possible to maximize the chances for pregnancy. So IVF can feel like a scary direction, both financially and emotionally. But if it’s been more than six months of trying naturally together, there… Read more »

“Is it true we can now use stem cells to grow better-quality eggs?”

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For the last twenty years, it was understood that women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. Unlike men, whose stem cells contribute to new sperm formation every 72 days, women use up all their eggs at some pre-determined point and enter menopause. Learn more about eggs and egg quality Learn more about treating advanced… Read more »

NDP reject Liberal budget, Ontario’s IVF funding now uncertain

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In a recent post, we covered the possibility of partial IVF coverage in Ontario. That possibility hung on the provincial budget, and whether Ontario’s government agreed to pass it. Today the Ontario NDP rejected the Liberal budget, triggering a provincial election this June. After the election, a new budget will be implemented and we’ll learn… Read more »

Update on Ontario’s coverage of IVF

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In our last post, we discussed the exciting new developments towards partial coverage for IVF treatment in Ontario. We have a small update: we’ve heard that IVF coverage will be tabled with the May 2014 budget. If the NDP choose to support the Liberals on the budget, it’ll pave the way for coverage to begin… Read more »