What can I do about pain during procedures? 

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“I am scheduled for an Echovist HyCoSy test as part of my fertility diagnostic process. I have serious concerns about the pain I will experience during the procedure given the scar tissue on my cervix from a laser cone. (A regular pap test is painful; a colposcopy is almost unbearable.) I am wondering whether it will even be possible for the doctor to insert the catheter. In your experience, what percentage of your patients with some degree of cervical stenosis have successfully undergone this procedure? How was the pain managed during dilation? Would you agree that it is necessary for me to have this test even though I underwent a laparoscopy 9 months ago and my tubes were clear then?”

We cannot really comment on the necessity of the test. But we can say unequivocally: no procedure should hurt. With modern anaesthesia, there really is no excuse for it. For example, in your case, you could ask about misoprostol (to soften the cervix), Ativan (for you), and a local-freezing-spray for your cervix. The procedure itself should never stand in the way of your desire to become pregnant. Hope that helps.

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