So what is happening with IVF funding in Ontario?

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We are still in the phase of rumour and hearsay. “Funded IVF” requires a number of institutional structures to work properly. Is this going to be a tax credit, or through OHIP? Will there be age or diagnostic criteria? How does the funding apply if couples wish to transfer more than one embryo? There are… Read more »

What are the recent developments in implantation? (Part Three: PGS)

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This post is part three of a series where we will discuss how embryos, the uterus and overall health impact implantation.   We judge embryo quality in three ways: the number of embryos present, embryo grading, and PGS. In this post, we’ll talk about PGS. Our current gold standard for judging embryo quality is pre-implantation… Read more »

September is PCOS Awareness Month

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a widespread condition. Worldwide, 6% – 10% of women are affected by PCOS.  It’s one of the most common causes of infertility and often underdiagnosed. Many women don’t get diagnosed until they seek help with conceiving. Symptoms can include acne, weight gain, excessive facial hair, irregular or absent periods, lack of… Read more »

Calgary’s controversy about mixed-race donor selection

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I’m sure you’ve read in the news this week about a Calgary fertility clinic that refused a patient the ability to select donor sperm from a different ethnic background than hers. Dr. Calvin Greene, the Regional Fertility Program clinic’s administrative director, was quoted by the Calgary Herald last week, “I’m not sure that we should… Read more »

It looks like Ontario will be covering IVF.

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It hasn’t passed yet, but with a majority government and no changes to the proposed budget, Ontario plans to cover IVF. The devil is always in the details, of course. From the budget: “The government will provide additional support for people in this province who want to become parents by expanding coverage of infertility services… Read more »

“Is it true we can now use stem cells to grow better-quality eggs?”

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For the last twenty years, it was understood that women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. Unlike men, whose stem cells contribute to new sperm formation every 72 days, women use up all their eggs at some pre-determined point and enter menopause. Learn more about eggs and egg quality Learn more about treating advanced… Read more »

NDP reject Liberal budget, Ontario’s IVF funding now uncertain

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In a recent post, we covered the possibility of partial IVF coverage in Ontario. That possibility hung on the provincial budget, and whether Ontario’s government agreed to pass it. Today the Ontario NDP rejected the Liberal budget, triggering a provincial election this June. After the election, a new budget will be implemented and we’ll learn… Read more »

Update on Ontario’s coverage of IVF

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In our last post, we discussed the exciting new developments towards partial coverage for IVF treatment in Ontario. We have a small update: we’ve heard that IVF coverage will be tabled with the May 2014 budget. If the NDP choose to support the Liberals on the budget, it’ll pave the way for coverage to begin… Read more »

Breaking: Ontario proposes covering some IVF treatment

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Starting in 2015, Ontario’s expert panel has proposed covering 1 cycle of IVF treatment per patient, as well as several other measures to improve access to fertility services. This is very good news for fertility patients, as IVF can often provide pregnancy rates 20x or higher than IUI or other treatments can. No, IVF is… Read more »