The emotional side of male subfertility/infertility

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As a reproductive endocrinologist, I often see subfertility affecting men too. It’s often in ways that they may not be able to voice to anyone, even their partners. Perhaps even to themselves. In the context of fertility, erectile concerns can often be interpreted as ambivalence about having children. Some men may refuse to have intercourse,… Read more »

I have morning sickness. How do I know what’s normal and when it’s serious?

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Everyone gets morning sickness. It’s just part of pregnancy. It’s normal, right? Well, not necessarily. The majority of pregnant women will experience some nausea or vomiting at some point in their pregnancy. For some women, it’s mild and doesn’t last very long. The causes of morning sickness is generally assumed to be caused by hormonal… Read more »

Are my fertility issues my fault?

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Throughout human history, we human beings have had a tendency to blame sick people for their condition. From heart attacks to irritable bowel disease, HIV to Ebola, these conditions share this in common: a tendency for society, and even the ill individuals themselves, to blame the afflicted. Disease and illness are looked at as a… Read more »

What role does stress really play in fertility?

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In social situations, when people find out I’m a fertility doctor, they often ask me how much I think stress impacts fertility. They often tell me of their friend who went on holiday, or of their sister-in-law who adopted and then conceived the very next month. Implicit in the story, of course, is if the… Read more »

I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. What can I do about it?

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If you have PCOS, you’re more likely to also have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other risk factors for heart disease. 50% – 70% of women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome will have insulin resistance or diabetes, and many women with PCOS are overweight or obese. If you’re not trying to get pregnant, a… Read more »

When should you do IVF?

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Nobody wants to do IVF. Whenever a couple or individual comes to a fertility clinic, the goal is to work as naturally as possible to maximize the chances for pregnancy. So IVF can feel like a scary direction, both financially and emotionally. But if it’s been more than six months of trying naturally together, there… Read more »