I am 28 and I have just been diagnosed with the lowest AMH possible. I’m starting aggressive IVF. Is age on my side with good quality eggs?

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AMH predicts quantity, not quality.

The best predictor for egg quality is being under 35 years of age. Yes! Age is on your side.

Anti Mullerian Hormone is released by cells involved with the growth of antral follicles and correlated to the number of active antral follicles you have.

Usually with IVF, we hope to retrieve 12-20 eggs. We like 12-20 eggs because then you are most likely to end up with good quality embryos. We find our best pregnancy rates occur when we generate 3-5 high quality embryos. With a very low AMH, you may retrieve as few as one. But you can have an excellent quality embryo from only one egg too.

Of course, you will only get good quality embryos from a low number of eggs when you have good quality eggs.

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