New data on non-donor egg freezing success rates!

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Egg freezing is a relatively new procedure where a woman’s eggs are collected, frozen, and stored with the intention of later use. Women who are not yet ready to start a family may choose to freeze their eggs to keep the option on the table for longer. There has been significant promise, but also significant… Read more »

How long do I have to take dexamethasone for, and what is 17-OHP?

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“Part of my current fertility treatment includes dexamethasone, due to high levels of 17-OHP. The dexamethasone has lowered this level, but I was still told to keep taking it. Why? And what role does 17-OHP play in fertility?” 17-OHP and cortisol are circulating hormones found in all women. In general, any hormone that is found… Read more »

What’s and is it reliable?

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There’s been a lot of discussion about For those unfamiliar, it’s an online database that has collected close to 90,000 real pregnancies’ beta test results. Beta tests measure the level of hCG in a woman’s bloodstream. This is the first test given to confirm pregnancy. In a common pregnancy, hCG is released after implantation… Read more »