My fertility struggle is taking the pleasure out of my sex life. What can I do?

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Despite some early reports, fertility doesn’t improve if the female partner orgasms. Sex doesn’t have to be emotionally or physically satisfying in order to conceive. Sexuality and fertility don’t have to fit together at all. But that doesn’t mean sexuality doesn’t matter. Sexuality and fertility and, yes, love, are all mixed together for all of… Read more »

We’re considering using an anonymous sperm donor. How does it work in Canada?

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Health Canada has guidelines in place to allow women to have safe access to donor sperm. However, there are some logistical challenges limiting choice. There is only one Canadian sperm bank: ReproMed, based in Toronto. To allow for a greater variety of sperm available to Canadians, Health Canada has allowed for the importation of non-altruistically-donated… Read more »

Smoking, illicit drugs, alcohol and fertility

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Such a difficult topic, of course, because the very clear-cut, medically/legally safe answer is entirely straightforward: never drink, smoke or use illicit drugs. As physicians, it’s our duty to inform all patients that this is accepted dogma and that there is no minimal dose that is known to be safe and, therefore, no one should… Read more »

The emotional side of male subfertility/infertility

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As a reproductive endocrinologist, I often see subfertility affecting men too. It’s often in ways that they may not be able to voice to anyone, even their partners. Perhaps even to themselves. In the context of fertility, erectile concerns can often be interpreted as ambivalence about having children. Some men may refuse to have intercourse,… Read more »

“I have vaginismus, but I want to get pregnant…without a clinic. Now what?”

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Vaginismus is a frustrating condition that, fortunately, can respond very well to treatments. In the meanwhile, if you can tolerate it, home inseminations are an option. Here’s how it works: Your male partner should collect his sperm in a sterile container. You should wait 10-30 minutes at room temperature for the seminal fluid to liquify…. Read more »