My TSH is low. Should I be worried? What should I do?

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We received this excellent question from a woman whose email address seemed to have a typo in it, so we were unable to respond directly to her — we hope she’s reading this!

The most common reason for a low TSH is taking too much thyroid medication. If you aren’t taking medication of that kind, it could be a naturally low TSH — which, if chronic, is most often because of Graves’ disease.

You can confirm or refute this with:

  1. A blood test for “thyroid receptor antibody”
  2. A thyroid ultrasound

Now, if your doctor doesn’t think your low TSH is anything to worry about, should you get a second opinion?

Perhaps yes, if you have symptoms of hyperthyroidism now (like a racing resting heartbeat) — or, if a repeat TSH in 4-8 weeks is still low. Sometimes your TSH just rebalances itself, so no deeper testing is necessary.

I hope that’s helpful — sometimes just watching and waiting really is appropriate, even when trying to get pregnant.

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