“My sperm morphology results say 75% are abnormal. Help!”

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25% normal morphology is low. But depending on how your clinic processes samples, morphology can often come out low-normal or low. Something to try:

  1. Ask to have the test repeated, along with a DNA fragmentation assay.
  2. Consider taking antioxidant vitamins.
  3. Speak to a urologist – they’re the final word in sperm.

In the end, 25% normal morphology may be amenable to intrauterine insemination cycles (IUI). IUI usually has about a 10% overall success rate (ranges are 7-22.5% depending on the clinic and other factors) and IVF about 32% (depending on age) per cycle. Yes, IVF has the better success rate, but many couples will try IUI first because it is less intense and less expensive.

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