“I have vaginismus, but I want to get pregnant…without a clinic. Now what?”

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Vaginismus is a frustrating condition that, fortunately, can respond very well to treatments.

In the meanwhile, if you can tolerate it, home inseminations are an option. Here’s how it works:

  • Your male partner should collect his sperm in a sterile container.
  • You should wait 10-30 minutes at room temperature for the seminal fluid to liquify.
  • The seminal fluid could then be pulled into a sterile syringe and placed into your vagina.¬†You should be careful to leave the seminal fluid there, rather than trying to insert the sperm any deeper or into your cervix.

However, complications are possible with any procedure. It’s theoretically possible that a non-sterile procedure could lead to infection. But it can be a straightforward process for many couples. A fertility nurse can help demonstrate how this works, and advise you on the process in more detail.

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